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Window Breaks

eBook - A family is pushed to breaking point in this addictive, pulse-racing, emotionally-charged thriller

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ISBN/EAN: 9781529009682
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 464 S.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2019
Format: EPUB
DRM: Adobe DRM


A Window Breaks is the nerve-wrecking thriller from C. M. Ewan, the author of The Interview and Safe House. 'Fantastic' - Lee Child'Totally addictive' - Ann Cleeves'A thrill-a-minute page-turner' - Simon KernickIt's 2 a.m. in a remote Scottish lodge.You are asleep when a noise wakes you.You stir, unsure why, and turn to your partner.Then you hear it.Glass. Crunching underfoot.Your worst fears are about to be realized.Someone is downstairs, intent on causing your family harm.You will do whatever it takes to protect them.But with only each other to rely on, can you escape?A Window Breaks is the nerve-shredding thriller from C. M. Ewan, the author of Safe House.What authors are saying . . .'If you only read one thriller this year read this' - C. L. Taylor'Smashed my way through this . . . Nerve-shredding' - Tim Weaver'Brilliantly crafted, excruciatingly tense' - Sharon Bolton'Starts at full throttle and never lets up' - T. M. Logan'Heart-stopping . . . a sure-fire bestseller' - Jo Spain'Breakneck ride of a thriller' - Fiona Cummins'Almost unbearably tense and exciting' - Mark Edwards'Fierce read, with heart, muscle and an out-of-sight twist' - Mick Herron'Tense, fast-paced thriller' - Jenny Quintana'Brilliant and almost impossible to put down' - Andrew TaylorWhat readers are saying . . .'This was so intense as the twists and turns came one after another at breakneck speed.''Brilliantly written thriller which keeps you gripped from the first few pages.''Full of action and excitement''Absolutely amazing; I was totally gripped from start to finish'

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